Deskins & Associates is an employee benefits brokerage and consulting company. The founder is Lee Deskins, CLU.

Health Insurance has drastically changed with the passing of the Affordable Care Act. Individuals under 65 can only purchase coverage during Open Enrollment (November 1st - January 31st) with limited exceptions and face tax penalties if they are not insured. Many individuals qualify for tax credits but only if they enroll on the State exchange (get quotes here). Insured small groups (less than 50 employees) may not be rated based on group claim experience and carriers must offer only "metal" level benefit plans. Large groups with 50+ employees may be subject to significant penalties if they do not offer a plan of "minimum value" which is "affordable" to their employees. We can help you manage the change.

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Technology and strategic affiliations allow Deskins & Associates to provide a high level of responsiveness and service. We have affiliated with TFA Benefits a Towne Bank Company on our brokerage accounts located in Hampton Roads and Anthem brokerage business. Through our association we can provide COBRA administration, corporate benefit websites and much more. We have affiliated with Employee Benefits Corporation of America (EBCA) on brokerage business located in the Washington Metro Area.

Deskins & Associates also provides benefit and insurance consulting services together with Mark III Benefits for County Schools, County Governments and the Washington Area New Automobile Dealers Association.


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